U.S. Cyber Command Achieves ‘Full Operational Capab-….Wait, We Have A Cyber Command?!

File this under “Stuff That Probably Sounds Cooler Than It Is”, but apparently the U.S. now has a Cyber Command. A sub-department of the DoD. Their responsibilities? “Directing activities to operate and defend DoD networks.” So, um….sweet?

According to the DoD press release on the subject, the new Cyber Command….does stuff. Like, um….”transitioning personnel” and defending our networks. My guess? China’s been back-tracing some stuff and, as it turns out, we don’t really have a Cyber Pohlice. Until now that is!
It is unclear if this new Cyber Enforcement Agency Power Go! will be handling issues on the home front (they won’t) or if they’ll stick to more boring stuff like handling the regular attempts by foreign powers to invade our government’s military secrets from secure network facilities (ok yeah, that one). Suffice to say, Google finally won’t be the only ones on the offensive against foreign cyber invasion.

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