Google Gets Serious About Facebook, Resists Star Wars Meme

So, you can import your Google contacts into Facebook if you’d like. However, if a few years down the road, you decide that you don’t want to use Facebook anymore (surely Diaspora will have hit critical mass by this point. Surely), you will be unable to export those contacts for use in some other service.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh no, they di’n’t! Boyeeee, Facebook best back up before they start sumthin! Dat’s sum seriously effed up stuff right dere!”

Well, it turns out, Google thinks just the same way you do, because they’ve been engaging in a digital smackdown that rivals that of the infamous clash of the titans between Palm and Apple over iTunes sync. First Google is all “Facebook, you can’t import contacts from us unless you open up.” So Facebook sneaks in the back door and imports Google’s contacts anyways.

Google, being the victim of unwanted intrusion does the only thing they can do: make a formal notification of Facebook as a Registered Data Offender. Now, if you try to import data to Facebook from Google, you’ll see the above warning. Also, Facebook has to notify their neighbors of their status as an RDO when they move into a new server. Oh yeah, and once you’re on that list, you’re on it forever. Awkwaaaaaard.


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