Steve Wozniak Declares iPhone Dead No Wait Android Is Dead No Wait

So, Steve Wozniak was talking to the Netherlands. The Netherlands was all “Steve Wozniaken. What do you dink of ze Androidun phonessen?”* And Wozniak was all “D00d! Have j00 seen speech recognition!! Android t3h pwnz0rz t3h iPhone. Moar featurez!!!” He then went on to go through a fifteen-minute power point presentation detailing how Android would become the dominant smartphone platform, and discussed his upcoming dinner date with Eric Schmidt, before finally revealing his Google tattoo on his left pec.

Except remember that stuff I said about Steve Wozniak saying Android was gonna win some stuff? Yeah, see, what I meant was that, I don’t actually read De Telegraaf. Nor can I. But Steve Wozniak does. And when Steve Wozniak saw what the blogs had written about what Steve Wozniak said in De Telegraaf, he wrote in to Engadget saying, “Naw, man. I know Steve Wozniak and Steve Wozniak would never say anything like that. He’s all about the iPhone. And Android is made of suck.”

The important thing, though, is that the fanboy arguments can continue on unhindered.

*– Note: I have no idea what Dutch sounds like.


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