Unbelievable: Viacom Not Friendly To Google Screwing With Their Videos

Get this. Remember that one company, Viacom? The one that had all those TV shows that they put on basic cable and stuff, like The Daily Show? And then you remember that other company, Google, that put up this site called YouTube that everybody then filled up with episodes of The Daily Show, making it effectively pointless to buy basic cable to see the Daily Show if you happen to be one of those lucky few people to have an internet connection? Yeah. Well, it turns out that one of those companies doesn’t really like the other. One of those companies sued the other for billions of dollars. To Viacom’s credit, they did create a rather nice website where you can go watch all the episodes of The Daily Show for free. Way to join the digital age!

Well, now they’re back at it again. Google makes Google TV. Google TV offers to let you stream any Flash video from the internet to your TV. “any Flash video from the internet” happens to include . Google TV was set to enable you to watch The Daily Show on your TV without basic cable.

Google TV was going to expedite the process that YouTube started a few years ago.

Of course I say “was going to” because, naturally, that process is now blocked. Who saw that coming, though? Really.


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