Sony Stays Relevant By Advertising eReader You Don’t Care About With Phone You Don’t Have

You know how your grandpa used to be a normal guy? Ten, twenty years ago, it was perfectly reasonable to expect him to hold down a job, drive himself to work, help out around the house. Now, though, you’re happy if he can make it to the bathroom by himself. Yeah, Sony’s kinda like that these days.

Thankfully, in this banner, Sony did manage to get the iPhone 4 right. I suppose one should be happy with this. Though, the fact that it’s promoting yet another eBook app (behind the Kindle, Nook, and whatever Borders calls their app) feels roughly akin to grandpa showing up in a Father Time costume….to Thanksgiving dinner.

And, wait….is….is that an Xperia X10? Otherwise known as “the phone that’s only slightly more desirable than the Motorola Blur”? Does the X10 even meet the minimum software requirements to render text?

Well, I suppose that’s a moot point, since whoever designed this banner went ahead and rooted that X10 and installed a custom ROM, as the notification bar seems to be the standard shade of white, while the stock X10 software’s shade is actually a deep blue.

But do you care about all of that? No. Of course you don’t. Because this article is about the Sony eReader app. How did you even end up reading this in the first place?


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