This Is A Nexus S Running Gingerbread [Updated: Moar Pics]

xda member Captainkrtek (aka Steve) tweeted this photo, shortly ago, of what appears to be the world’s grainiest Nexus S running the world’s second-grainiest Gingerbread build. As we all know, the grainier the photo, the more exciting the leak, right?!

It doesn’t seem to say much. There’s a new wallpaper. Possibly a new live wallpaper. The homescreen comes with the same new green coloration we’ve seen before. The Google Finance logo appears to be updated. Which, really, couldn’t possibly be more boring.

Curiously, though, there’s one icon blocked out. What is it? Umm…something….round. I suppose. Could be anything from the rumored video chat app to WiFi-calling. Who knows?

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it’s running on a Nexus S. Which means Google devs have likely already been issued the handsets for testing purposes. Which would make sense if video calling is on the list of headlining new features. The Nexus One, the former iconic Google phone, of course, lacked a front-facing camera.

Google’s been dropping hints like crazy lately about Gingerbread coming. This looks to be just one more crumb on the trail. Now excuse me while I go salivate.


The lovely folks over at XDA, realizing the true nature of Thanksgiving, decided to lay out the rest of the full feast of photos, including several new shots of the Nexus S, happily accentuating the device’s unique curves, as well as a couple more screenshots that confirm both the device and software version number (which is, in fact, 2.3). Go check out all the fun new photos at the XDA blog.

[Thanks Captainkrtek, Decad3nce!]


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