Blackberry’s Secret: It’s The Same Friggin’ Phone

Do you see this Blackberry? Looks neat, huh? I mean, yeah, it looks like your standard Blackberry Curve. Or….no. Wait, is that the Bold? Well, at the very least you can be certain it’s not the Torch. That one at least has the decency to hide the slide-out keyboard that looks exactly like all of the other keyboards on all of the other Blackberries in the world. Honestly, I can’t wait for them to try something new.

Wait, what’s that? This is something new, you say? I can scarce believe it! Surely not. Surely Blackberry, known for their inventive and creative hardware, would not release this, a device so readily confused with a past device?

Oh yeah, and the device will ship with Blackberry OS 5.

In related news, HTC has now released a phone with a kickstand, a slide out speaker system, a built-in coffee maker, laser targeting system, and the Beatles. Not the music. The band.


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