RIM Eats Google’s Scraps, Buys The Astonishing Tribe

If you’ve never heard of The Astonishing Tribe, one could hardly blame you. But they deserve some recognition. Remember when the G1 came out? And folks looked at it and thought “Wow, this UI looks amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! Absolutely gorgeous!” No? Well, The Astonishing Tribe is the one largely responsible for why you didn’t. And now they’re owned by RIM.

Of course, that’s not the only thing TAT has worked on. Why there’s…..ummm…. uhhhh….I think they…did…umm…something….

Well, according to their website they say they make an Android homescreen replacement. I guess their interface designs were so good that Google had no choice but to let them go, get someone else to work on Android’s UI, and leave TAT to do their own thing. You know, like how Warner Bros treats Christopher Nolan. (Hey, you make a movie like The Dark Knight, studios will let you go as deep into your dreams as you want, too.)

Trouble is, I have no idea what phones actually use TAT Home. TAT specifically states their customers are phone vendors, not consumers. So you can’t just download TAT from the market. So, who’s going to put their TAT Home interface on their Android phones?Well, the guys who make Blackberries of cour-wait what.

RIM, who’s never been the best at making both a functional and gorgeous UI (they pretty much just stick with functional), has bought out the company that makes some gorgeous interfaces that are of questionable functionality. Should be a hit! Or something!

Personally, I have a sick feeling in my stomach about this. It’s the same feeling I get when my dad dresses like a hipster.


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