Anons Screw With Mastercard, Leak Credit Card Numbers, Are Assholes [Updated]

It started off innocently enough. WikiLeaks decided to leak tons of super-important gossipy diplomatic cables and get the international community in a tizzy. Naturally, this treasonous act against America on the part of this citizen of Australia, who operates his site out of…umm…somewhere in Europe is just the right kind of international, border-crossing, globe-spanning, trouble-causing type of clusterfuck that causes internet hooligans Anonymous to sympathize.

Earlier today, it was reported that members of internet vigilante and all-around mischief-maker group Anonymous had conducted a DDoS attack to retaliate against MasterCard for freezing accounts associated with WikiLeaks. Apparently, they took it one step further and have now leaked a list of credit card numbers supposedly pulled from MasterCard’s website.

The announcement was made on the twitter account @Anon_Operation (which has currently been suspended). A link was posted to which contained a number of credit cards and expiration dates that.

Here’s the tweet from @Anon_Operation that was made just prior to the account being suspended:

Both the Twitter account and the pastebin page appear to be no longer accessible.


Wired has a more news-y take on the situation. According to them, “early analysis” indicates the leaked credit card numbers might be fake. They neglect to mention who’s doing this analysis, what the analysis is, or why I should trust their word over 4chan’s, but hey it makes me feel better!

Also, they have a lovely quote from 3Crowd CEO and all around internet-security-coolguy Barrett Lyon, saying that “[The attack] is mediocre, at best. There is a lot they doing wrong, and yet they are still succeeding.”

Tell you what, guys and girls. How’s about once this has all died down, you go ahead and check your accounts anyways? Whether Anonymous leaked real credit card numbers or not, the fact that they’re in ur sites at all is probably a bad sign. Also: carry cash.


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