Andy Rubin: 300,000 Android Activations A Day

Andy Rubin is on Twitter. Though, I don’t think he uses it much. He has only two tweets. The first was in response to some banter with Apple about the openness of Android. Some Linux-y code or whatever. For his next tweet, he’s sticking with his theme of “Dear Apple, Eat Me.”

Back in August, Eric Schmidt boasted that there are 200,000 Android activations per day. At a press conference shortly thereafter on September 1st, Apple fired back with the revelation they launch 230,000 iOS devices. Note: “devices”. Not iPhones. This includes iPads and iPod Touches. Well now, @arubin informs the internet that there are 300,000 Android phones activated daily.

You ever get the feeling that Steve Jobs is Commodus and Andy Rubin is rallying the crowd of the Colosseum to his side? Ok, yeah, me neither. But whatever. I like this guy’s style.


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