Anonymous Suggests The Unthinkable: Read WikiLeaks

Members of Anonymous behind Operation Payback, the group behind the recent attacks on MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal, have decided that attacking financial institutions that have shown a lack of cooperation with WikiLeaks is not the best way to support the organized leak organization. Instead, they have suggested doing the most impossible task: actually reading the leaks.

WikiLeaks, as an organization, is set up for the purpose of exposing the inner workings of governments and organizations with shady practices. Folks are in a tizzy over whether they should be doing it at all. Certain groups decided to cut off donations to them. Other groups decided to screw with those groups. I still have no real idea what’s in those leaks.

Which is what makes the newest internet-based initiative so unbelievable. So profound. So remarkable. So capable of actually doing something. These guys want their followers to actually read the cables.

To be clear, Anonymous is large group. Hard to call them “organized”, but yeah, there’s a lot of them. Tons. Those numbers are enough to bring down a website without necessarily being able to quickly determine the sole person behind it. Because there isn’t one. And now that ample attention is being turned to finding out what’s such a big deal in those cables in the first place.

When the Watergate tapes came out, folks knew what the big deal was. When the photos from Guantanamo came out, folks knew what the big deal was. Anonymous is suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there actually is a Big Deal™ inside those cables. Maybe the existence of the cables isn’t really a story.

Or, you know, it’s just one big media circus. Either way, fun to watch.


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