Mark Zuckerberg Is Making It Difficult For Me To Hate Him

I admit it. I liked The Social Network. Like a lot. I’ve seen it a few times. I will own it. I never really liked Zuckerberg, though. Whether it’s calling early users who trust him “dumb fucks”, constant redesigns that include not just aesthetic modifications but forced changes in privacy policies, or just his face, his Michael Cera/Jessi Eisenberg love-child face (there’s a reason Eisenberg was cast in that role). Whatever it is, never liked the guy. I use Facebook, I see it as a necessary evil, I don’t hate it enough to ditch, but yeah. Never liked the guy.

Then he went and did something fantastically, wonderfully, admirably stupid like pledge to give the majority of his wealth to charity.

To quote a CEO I admire: “Dumb fuck.”

Bah. I want to not like the guy. I want to say he’s careless. I want to say he’s a douche. I want to say he’s a horrible human being. But at the end of the day, he’s an entrepreneur* who created a successful website that mildly inconveniences users with the possibility of embarrassment, or exposing some indiscretion, that is now going to be responsible for educating children, feeding the hungry, providing for the homeless and who knows what else over the course of his life.

To all the billionaires of the world who have managed to frustrate millions of users of your software and neutralize our hatred by being absurdly generous philanthropists: Thank you. And screw you. And thank you.


*- Note: This is the first time in my life I’ve managed to spell that word correctly on the first bloody try. Hate that word.


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