Gmail Creator Says Chrome OS Is Purposeless, What We’re All Thinking

Paul Buchheit, the creator of and lead developer for Gmail, the service that made the world believe in Google’s ability to hold our data, as opposed to just showing us stuff online, recently stated that “Chrome OS has no purpose that isn’t better served by Android.” Zing! Hahaha! Ouch! Oooh, burn! Oh, snap! Wait what!

He also went on to decry the Virtual Boy as “a clumsy device, whose setup is too difficult, and games too basic to be enjoyable”. He also stated that Windows ME was “a clunky OS, with little to no improvement over Windows 98”. And concerning the Playstation Move, he said “Oh wait, you mean that new Wii controller?”

To be fair to Chrome OS, this guy not only uses FriendFeed, he created it. Any predictions of how the internet will accept a platform should be taken with the pillar of salt formerly known as Lot’s wife.


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