Samsung Galaxy S Owners: Samsung Hates You

Samsung’s Galaxy S line is already kind of confusing. They have different form factors, different materials, different carriers. The few things they have in common is they’re all called Galaxy S. They all run Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. And they’re all notoriously slow to get updates, with most U.S. handsets still sitting pretty with Android 2.1. This well after the announcement of Android 2.3, and even after the promised deadline of “by the end of November.” But there is some good news: the Samsung Intercept (on Sprint anyway) is getting the 2.2 treatment right now. Why? Because Samsung hates you.

There’s no other explanation, really. The Galaxy S line launched in the U.S. in July with the Captivate on AT&T. July 18th, to be exact. The Intercept, a far cheaper, far less capable, far less popular phone was launched one week earlier on a somewhat less popular carrier. It has now received the update sooner than most other Galaxy S phones.

Samsung has also announced they intend to bring Froyo to the Samsung Anycall Ultra S S7350H Elegant Edition, Samsung S9110 watch phone, and the Samsung Moment before any more Galaxy S phones. Though, the latter announcement is simply because the Moment likes to be teased.

When asked if the U.S. Captivate would ever see an update to Froyo, or possibly Gingerbread, the Samsung rep we spoke to laughed for a solid minute into the phone before hanging up on us.


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