I’m On Swype’s Naughty List

Way back in the day, I tried out the software keyboard everyone’s talking about: Swype. It was a public beta, so I thought, “Hey, why not give it a whirl?” And whirl we did, good internet. Round, and swirling, and across, up and down, wheeeee. I actually liked it. Then, 14 days later, the keyboard expired. I had a sad.

Now, I’m honestly not sure what happened. If it was a trial or a beta or whatnot, I really couldn’t tell you. It’s been way too long, and I kinda moved on. I just remember knowing that one day, Swype was no longer functioning, the app kindly thanked me for trying, and I no longer had any way to use it. Kinda sucked. A sentiment I expressed moments ago on Twitter. To be clear, my only problem with Swype is that it’s not exactly easy to use it. I currently use SwiftKey, which I downloaded from the Market. This is not Swype’s chosen distribution model, but it’s safe to say that if I want Swype on my rooted Evo, I can’t do that. They even have a distribution deal to supply Evo’s with Swype, but since I’ve chosen another ROM, I can’t use it. And if I were using a completely unsupported phone, I’d be up the creek. Unless there’s a beta. Which might be temporary. Though, certain helpful Lifehacker editor’s might disagree. Still. Just a minor annoyance. No biggie.

Except, Swype seems to have not taken too kindly to my off-the-cuff remark. Like myself, though, Swype prefers resolution over confrontation, so they offered me a compromise:

@ocentertainment If you’ll foot the bill for a full Customer Support department, we’ll make it available to end-users 😛

Honestly, that sounds like a pretty good deal. I accept! Swype: as a formal recognition of our agreement, I hereby declare, in front of all three of my readers, that I will (eventually) pay for your Customer Support department! I’m kinda short on cash right now, so, uh…..is it cool if I give you an IOU?

In the meantime, for right now, the beta is open again for a while. So if you want Swype, have at it!


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