Verizon Fires UI Designer, Sticks An Ugly Remote Control On Your iPad

I do not have cable. I do not have a DVR. I do not have satellite. I have an internet connection and a computer. I also do not have a remote control. No device I use has an IR sensor. I have a smartphone and WiFi router. I am able to perform all of the basic TV-viewing tasks, such as watch TV shows, pause or mute playback from across the room, and lose my smartphone remote somewhere underneath my butt as I shift around on the couch. It’s a good life.

And one of the things I miss the least from my old, former life-the one where I was stuck with a CRT television, cable, and a dinky plastic remote control-is the horrible hodge podge of buttons and cryptic labels smushed on to an oddly-shaped “ergonomic” remote control. Verizon has thus seen fit  to take the old remote I’m not using and shove it into their iPad app.

You see, the beauty of a touchscreen device is that the interface can be programmed to be just about anything. A grid of buttons. A map. An escher drawing. The latter obviously being the inspiration for most remote control designs. And if you’re one of those pervy masochists who loves the pain of taking a ten-week training course to use a remote control, yet hates the idea of holding stuff*, this iPad app is for you.


*- Stuff  that isn’t an iPad


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