Record Number Of People Don’t Know When To Buy An iPhone

On February 4th at 4am, the Verizon iPhone 4 missed its opportunity to do one of those annoying triple-number advertising gimmicks, completely ignoring the obvious “4 on 4 at 4” slogan. Instead, pre-orders for the Verizon iPhone 4 began on February 3rd at 3am. They then closed pre-orders at 5am, intentionally denying the number 4 any chance for an amusing coincidence.

The number that did get some attention? “A lot.” That’s how many iPhone 4 pre-orders were sold in the two twilight (no relation) hours that pre-orders were available. In fact, the pre-orders were sold out. That is, every single possible pre-order available, for a phone that has been out for seven months, will be refreshed in another five, yet cannot be upgraded for another two years once purchased sold out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the upgrade cycle of iPhones, it’s once every year. Like Christmas in June. Literally. Every June, an allegedly jolly old man with a white beard comes out and gives presents to a select group of good people, while everyone else gets the HTC Coal running Android. It’s as dependable and predictable as Santa. But apparently not quite as well known, since a record number of people-more than Verizon has seen for any launch day ever-decided that five months is too long to wait to get the next version of the phone that will likely have better hardware, better software, and better pixie dust than the iPhone 4.

On the upside, that’s five months that they’ll be able to make phone calls with an iPhone.


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