So, Apparently Commercials Have Teasers Now

Multiple teasers, in fact. It began way back in 1984 when Motorola made this teaser, using futuristic graphics so advanced that, back then, they seemed like they were straight out of the far-off year of 2005. This teaser, though, is not for the Xoom tablet itself, but rather for a commercial about the Xoom tablet.

As with any good movie, though, one trailer that doesn’t show footage from the film isn’t good enough. So Motorola released this second teaser. Here’s hoping this isn’t going to be like some other Hollywood movies where we’ve already seen the best parts of the film commercial.

The commercial will finally be released during the Superbowl, where all of your anticipations will finally be fulfilled. That is, if you’re anticipating seeing one mobile device manufacturing company making a not-so-subtle jab at another mobile device manufacturing company, you’ll be satisfied. The jury’s still out on any more talking babies or horse farts.


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