Duke Nukem Forever Demoed At Strip Club, Duke Nukem Still Cooler Than You

Duke Nukem Forever has become more mythical and elusive than a teenage nerd’s sex life. Nerds that, might I add, the Duke himself would scoff at as he manages four women in the backroom of a strip club while fending off an alien invasion with a gun bigger than his….well, you get the idea. It’s fitting, then, that when Duke Nukem Forever is finally ready to see the light of day, after over a decade of waiting, the grand intro for the game would occur in a strip club.

Gearbox, the most recent company behind Duke Nukem Forever, invited the press to a preview event for the game in Las Vegas (where else?). The game was demoed (it exists!), bloggers blogged on tables where, every night, throngs of ladies in thongs laid writhing.

The world may never have seen a more perfect union of game and atmosphere. Too bad the game apparently sucks.

For my part, I’ll still likely be trying the game out. Once I get around to playing Starcraft 2. Which leaves only one question: Half-Life 2: Episode Three! What’s the hold up, dude?


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