Google: The Internet Can Predict The Oscars Maybe?

Oh, the Academy. Every year, you get together all the who’s who of the movie industry for a self-celebrating ceremony of glitz, glam, and neglecting movies that my demographic of single men in their mid twenties love. Seriously. The Dark Knight didn’t win Best Picture? What the hell Academy?! Well, Google is here to tell me why that is.

Turns out, we weren’t searching for it enough. Or in the right places. You see, the way it works is all the Best Picture winners have seen an upward trend in search volume for at least four weeks the year they were released. (Please note, if your movie sees an upward trend in search volume lasting eight weeks or more, notify your doctor immediately.)

For what it’s worth, The Dark Knight, universally deemed the greatest movie of all time ever in the history of your pathetic-in-comparison life did not meet this qualification.

Currently, The Social Network has the longest trending increase in search volume traffic*. Followed closely by Black Swan and The King’s Speech. Will Google’s data-based prediction come true? Or will the Academy snub Zuckerberg at the last minute to spite Google. Either way, it’s no surprise Google would side with a movie about an internet company for their Best Picture predictions. So biased.

* — That’s what she said.


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