Samsung Is In Talks With XDA About…Something

It doesn’t mean much of anything right now, but if you’ve ever rooted your phone, chances are you’ve been to XDA. And even if you haven’t, you still have reasons to pay attention to the things those folks develop. And now you have one more. A user going by the name of SamsungJohn, who sources say does, in fact, work for Samsung, has been dropping hints that the owners of XDA and Samsung have been in talks recently.

About what is anyone’s guess at this point. It wouldn’t be the first time a major corporation worked with the community. And any time the major players in the market get along with the major players in the developer community, it’s good for everyone.

We hear that there’s an announcement coming “soon” from the heads of XDA. When that happens, rest assured Autistic Disdain will be right there, ready and willing to make fun of the new deal/partnership/project/grudge match/showdown/LAN party/date night as it develops.

Hey, maybe Samsung will even ask XDA for advice on getting Froyo to their U.S. handsets while they’re at it.

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