Um. Crap. Autistic Disdain Is A Year Old

I’m clearly a horrible father. Autistic Disdain turned a year old like two weeks ago. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t start Autistic Disdain. That was a guy who went by the name Prostate of Grace on Gizmodo. Which makes me not a horrible father, but a horrible step father.

This was the first post made to Autistic Disdain. It was a chair made out of Jesus. No, not that one. The deity. Autistic Disdain was named after some crap in this article wherein Joel Johnson unleashed his fearsome rage on people who don’t like the iPad. Later he didn’t like the iPad. We laughed.

Which is pretty much where we’re at now. I like gadgets. I like laughing. The world of gadgets can be pretty darn funny. Or not. Sometimes.

I joined (and eventually took over) Autistic Disdain because I like writing funny stuff and I like gadgets. I look forward to another year of writing about stuff. And I look forward to forgetting AD’s birthday next year.

(Seriously? I’ve been doing this crap for a year? What.)


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  1. I ain’t paying child support.

  2. Huh, I was wondering where the title came from. I’m kind of disappointed I read that whole article only to find it at the very end. But I guess it was all the more satisfying to eventually find because of it.

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