Making A Star Wars Joke About This Robot Hand Feels Like Cheating

If you’re like me, you spent most of your childhood handling high explosives. Your mother would yell at you from the front porch, “Put down that C4, you’re going to blow your hand off!” Well, mother dearest, no need to worry anymore! SCIENCE has me covered! At least for my requisite typing skills. Researchers from Virginia Tech (Virginia has researchers? And….science?) have built this freaky-looking robot hand, and are even preparing to outfit it with rubber skin pretty soon.

The robot hand, despite looking like that weird grasping hand toy you had when you were 8,  can type up to 20 WPM. Which puts it roughly in line with the guy at work that hunts-and-pecks, and searches for ‘Facebook’ on Google. Still, impressive for a device that has no brain.

No word yet on whether or not this device can be assimilated into your nervous system. Once that’s, possible, though, feel free to start dunking your hands into chambers of liquid nitrogen or a crocodile’s mouth. You can always just get a new one.


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