Dear RealNetworks: Shut Up, Shut Up, Just Shut Up!

Augh. Hurk. Blegh. No. Excuse me. Give me a moment to compose mys-balhekhrlaslasdlfglsj. *deep breaths* Ok. There’s only a few tech companies that make me lurch whenever I think of them. AOL for one. Peek for another. And then there’s RealNetworks. The Asylum of tech companies. And they’ve just added another zinger to their techography of crap.

Now, to be fair, this project is not directly affiliated with RealNetworks. It’s not owned by Real, it’s not associated with Real, it’s not sponsored by Real, and it’s not powered by Real. The previous sentence, by the way, is my personal list of moral standards for any software I use on any of my devices. However, this online video chat service was funded by the man who founded Real. Now I have one more thing to add to my list.

What’s so bad about SocialEyes? If the horrible pun isn’t enough to dissuade you, then you’re a more open-minded person than I am. But hey, I’m ok with that. Whatever keeps me out of a “Facebook-connected chatroulette”. No, seriously.

If you’re really interested in connecting your Facebook ID to video chatting with random strangers, you can hit up this horribly-named site here.


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