T-Mobile Would Like To Remind You Of Its Great Big 4G Network

It can be tough being the little guy. Of the four major carriers, T-Mo is the littlest. But don’t let their rank fool you. In real life, T-Mobile is very big. Super big, you might say. Or at least, big enough. Certainly big enough to satisfy your 4G data needs.

Ok, fine, we’ll admit it. T-Mobile may not have the size or girth of some other networks, it’s true. But, is the size of the network really what’s important? T-Mobile believes it’s more important how you use that network. And T-Mobile knows exactly how to use their network so your phone walks away pleased after a long night of savage data-munching.

Also, please don’t confuse the speedy rabbit symbolism on their charts. Sure, rabbits are fast, but they’re also full of stamina. T-Mobile’s 4G network won’t get tired or pass out on you after the first three minutes of a heavy YouTube streaming session. T-Mobile’s network is way more virile than that. Go ahead and plan for an all-night-long Netflix tethering session. T-Mobile can handle it all.

Anyways, T-Mobile has a big penis.

Via: Engadget


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