WP7 To Bypass Features You Need For Features You Don’t Even Know You Don’t Want Yet

Microsoft released their mobile phone operating system late last year known as Window Super Mega Duper Ultra Dynamic 7 Studio Zune Phone Platform System Windows Phone 7. It came without the ability to copy and paste text, no universal search, basic multitasking, no YouTube, Flash, or even Microsoft’s own Silverlight video support in the browser or in apps, Twitter integration, support for phones on Verizon or Sprint’s CDMA network, and NFC support. What’s that? You don’t know or care what NFC is? That’s great! Because that’s exactly what Microsoft is working on!

In fairness to WP7, features like multitasking and Twitter integration are coming at some point, I guess. But NFC, a technology that allows you to pay for credit card purchases using only your phone, a feature that requires not only special hardware (meaning no WP7 devices currently on the market will support it), but also requires retail stores to upgrade their hardware and payment systems to support the technology, that is the technology that is getting fast-tracked according to Bloomberg’s sources.

So, for all three of the United States citizens who have been waiting for a WP7 device that has NFC support and who also frequently shop at retail locations that have upgraded their payment systems ahead of the curve, get ready. Your wait will finally be over…..sometime later this year. Or something.


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