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Netflix Now Has Every Power Rangers Episode Ever On Instant Watch

Like, all of them. Every single one. Do you remember watching this show as a kid? Then gradually getting bored with it after about a hundred episodes? Then forgetting about it for several years. Then hearing about it and thinking to yourself, that show’s still on?! Then forgetting about it for several more years. Then discovering that they’ve been releasing iteration after iteration all this time, like an episodic Land Before Time saga with crappy effects and Japanese stock footage? Then hearing that the show is finally getting canceled as you lay on your death bed?

Yeah, me too. And guess what. Every episode you watched, and every episode you never even heard of, as well as the movies you’ve forgotten all about are all available on Instant Watch. Perhaps the only show to actually have more episodes available than Saturday Night Live, Power Rangers is now available in its full, half-Japanese glory on Netflix.

That’s my childhood right there. I have vivid memories of squeezing as much entertainment as I could out of a VHS tape with 3, maybe 4 episodes on it. I recall the saga that resulted in the addition of the Green Ranger taking up way too many tapes. I remember the degraded quality of the videos after I’d spent hour after hour watching what few episodes they put to tape. And now, all of them, every single one of the over 700 episodes of this series is all available at the push of a button.

Dear the internet: I love you.

[via Netflix]


Vodafone Fakes A Stolen Xperia Play Shipment….What The Hell, Vodafone?!

Earlier today, reports came flying in that Vodafone New Zealand was the poor, poor victim of a Hollywood movie plot. Their entire shipment of Xperia Play devices were stolen. They even have footage of the theft! That is to say, “footage where runs around a store (?) and….that’s pretty much it”. To be fair to Vodafone, it does look like the guy was wearing a black hoodie and there were green lines on the footage, so the only reasonable assumption is that all the Xperia Plays in New Zealand were stolen.

Except, it turns out it was just a joke! Haha! Fooled you good, huh? See at first you were thinking, “Wow, there’s not really much of interest in tech news today, just a bunch of boring crap,” but then you read an article about how some phones in some country you’re not in got stolen and you were still bored, but now! Now you just think Vodafone is a douchey company, or possibly really bad at practical jokes! Hahaha! What a good one. Hilarious!

Said Sony, the manufacturer of the Xperia Play, to Vodafone on the matter:

Dude! We’ve been working our asses off to fix this PSN issue! WTF are you thinking pulling a stunt like this? Scare us half to death, freak out the shareholders! What the hell?! You get on the line with whatever kiwi news outlets down there you people deal with and straighten this crap out before the market opens tomorrow morning!

Vodafone slept on the couch.

[via Engadget]

Shoot, My Phone Is Dying, Can You Pee In This For Me?

I own an HTC Evo. It’s my favorite gadget in the world. Nothing I’ve ever purchased has been more worth the price. But the battery life? Horrible. Some folks have gotten good battery life out of their Evos. I don’t. I have seven homescreens, all with at least some form of widget. I use my device for streaming music, I have everything synced. I made the concession of only turning on GPS and WiFi when I need them, but if it weren’t for the already sucky battery life, I’d leave them on all the time. Like I do everything else. I have somewhere in the area of a hundred apps installed and I’m sure at least 20 of them are needlessly pulling down or sending back data and driving my battery through the floor. And I love it.

Thankfully, I’m rarely far from a charger. But if SiGNa Chemistry Inc. has their way, I won’t need to anymore. Instead, I’ll just have to make sure I’m never far from my bladder. And I rarely am.

This device will apparently take water, or any fluid (yes, including that one), and, using SCIENCE, begin charging your gadgets. It’s actually pretty cool. Way better than that portable urine-based waterwheel I’ve been lugging around to keep my Evo up and running all the time.

Ars Technica has the full rundown of the science-y stuff, because, you know, that’s what Ars Technica does. Nerds.

Via: Ars Technica

Making A Star Wars Joke About This Robot Hand Feels Like Cheating

If you’re like me, you spent most of your childhood handling high explosives. Your mother would yell at you from the front porch, “Put down that C4, you’re going to blow your hand off!” Well, mother dearest, no need to worry anymore! SCIENCE has me covered! At least for my requisite typing skills. Researchers from Virginia Tech (Virginia has researchers? And….science?) have built this freaky-looking robot hand, and are even preparing to outfit it with rubber skin pretty soon.

The robot hand, despite looking like that weird grasping hand toy you had when you were 8,  can type up to 20 WPM. Which puts it roughly in line with the guy at work that hunts-and-pecks, and searches for ‘Facebook’ on Google. Still, impressive for a device that has no brain.

No word yet on whether or not this device can be assimilated into your nervous system. Once that’s, possible, though, feel free to start dunking your hands into chambers of liquid nitrogen or a crocodile’s mouth. You can always just get a new one.

Um. Crap. Autistic Disdain Is A Year Old

I’m clearly a horrible father. Autistic Disdain turned a year old like two weeks ago. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t start Autistic Disdain. That was a guy who went by the name Prostate of Grace on Gizmodo. Which makes me not a horrible father, but a horrible step father.

This was the first post made to Autistic Disdain. It was a chair made out of Jesus. No, not that one. The deity. Autistic Disdain was named after some crap in this article wherein Joel Johnson unleashed his fearsome rage on people who don’t like the iPad. Later he didn’t like the iPad. We laughed.

Which is pretty much where we’re at now. I like gadgets. I like laughing. The world of gadgets can be pretty darn funny. Or not. Sometimes.

I joined (and eventually took over) Autistic Disdain because I like writing funny stuff and I like gadgets. I look forward to another year of writing about stuff. And I look forward to forgetting AD’s birthday next year.

(Seriously? I’ve been doing this crap for a year? What.)

Nick Denton Believes He Is Steve Jobs

Curiously, one of the biggest tech news stories of the day is not that Kyocera, the company that can’t make your printer right built a dual-screen phone. No, the big story is apparently that Gizmodo changed their site. It has made headlines. It has made commenters angry. It has set the twitterverse positively abuzz with fresh rants about how now this website looks different. Scandal!

Which is, perhaps, the most surprising aspect of it all. A redesign of a website has people talking. For my part, I’ve been around the internet for a good many years now, and I’ve seen more than my share of site redesigns. I’ve even performed a couple myself. Few ever rival the outcry of Facebook redesigns, although that is a special case. You can’t begrudge a group of 500 million users a little unbridled rage when they wake up and their time-sensitive Farmville crops are now located under a differently-labeled button. What is an internet netizen to do?!

Yet this redesign has sparked feedback and criticism on the Inquisitr, Reddit, heck even the venerable friend of Gizmodo Adam Savage. Shots are being fired at Gawker Media and their platform-wide redesign from all directions. And the effects are certainly farther reaching than a mere gadget blog. While Gizmodo is certainly one of their more popular sites, joining the ranks of Deadspin, their sports site and Gawker proper, that’s by no means the end of Gawker Media’s reach. Jezebel for women’s gossip and news, Kotaku for the video game circles, even Lifehacker for the productivity-minded folks who would as soon read Business Insider as they would Psychology Today or Instructables. This is no niche corner of the net, folks. While it may not be huge in every circle, this redesign is being talked about by a wide variety of demographics all over the internet.

And that’s half the point.

Unfortunately for Gawker Media, that’s not all of it. There’s still the little matter of page views. And unfortunately, on opening day, page views have taken a major hit. This could be because of the redesign, but it could also be because, for half the day, most sites were barely functioning. Yet it’s all anyone can talk about.

This redesign was heralded as an entirely new way of thinking. A radical new approach that borrows from a variety of sources, combining them together in one slick, innovative package that polarizes its intended audience and, ultimately, attempts to do nothing less than change the course of the industry’s future.

Sound familiar?

You could take that description and apply it neatly to most Apple products. One thing that is true of both this redesign and any review of a new Apple product is that the critics and the fans will be the loudest and most outspoken. Critics, usually, louder than most. And yet, that constant, very public, very loud debate is typically what drives a large portion of the growth of popular new products. Would Macs sell as well if there weren’t devoted fanboys willing to evangelize their platform as strongly as they do? Would the iPhone discourse be nearly as exciting if Android weren’t there to serve as the shadow of Microsoft, threatening the same fate for the iPhone as Macs suffered at the hands of Windows machines in the 90s? Is tedium ever as interesting as controversy?

If you’ve read any blog owned by Gawker Media for an even remotely lengthy period of time, you already know Nick Denton’s answer to that.

This new design reflects something more far-reaching than a mere site redesign. This is a gambit. A bet. To see if a blog can be changed into something more than a simple reverse-chronological list of articles. Or at least that’s how Nick Denton seems to see it. It’s not about reorganizing a site’s content. It’s about implementing a model for media distribution that will set the standard for the internet from here on out. The internet is still fairly new. Can Gawker Media be the potter’s hands that shapes the internet into the universal media platform it was destined to be? Or will it fall into darkness with all that is left of its dot-com-boom kin?

And for what it’s worth, this is no metaphor. Denton is literally betting on this design. You know, in addition to the whole gambling the future of his entire media company.

I suppose the real question is, do the various Gawker Media blogs have enough loyal fans that they’ll be able to generate the kind of support needed to sustain them through a heavy transition like this? Or is this kind of move too bold for an established media company like Gawker to pull off?

Also, this article isn’t nearly as funny as the nature of this site demands it be. So to make it up to you, here’s a video of some dude doing an Elmo voice at a Taco Bell drive thru:

You’re welcome.

Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper Is Concepterrific!

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your phone’s homescreen weird people out. Well, if weird looks are what you’re looking for, look no further! The Seeds of Life live wallpaper for Android (2.1+) is just the kind of sperm-tastic visual oddity you need!

To be honest, there have been a lot of live wallpapers since the feature’s introduction that simply don’t live up to the hype. The brilliance of live wallpapers isn’t just motion. It’s customization! It’s interactivity! It’s creating something that’s dynamic and responsive and makes your phone feel alive! And boy does Seeds of Life deliver!

For starters, you can customize the speed, population, or color of the….*ahem*…..”seeds”. Which the wallpaper insists is what they are. Hey, far be it from me to call a spade a spade. You can also customize the background color, or accept the default of cycling between soft, colorful background hues. Relaxing!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Remember, these things are interactive! Once you’ve set it as your live wallpaper, tap anywhere on the screen and the “seeds” will begin swimming in that direction. Moreover, drag an icon or widget to any spot on your homescreen, either from the drawer or elsewhere on your homescreen. As soon as it lands, all the little seeds will immediately scurry over to see what’s up! Looks like they’re trying to get in, almost! Ha! Actually, you know, I think one may have made it in. Just one, though.

For roughly $0.77 in the Market, how could you possibly pass up such a fertil-err, fun live wallpaper?

16-Year-Old Kid Took Down MasterCard, Is Dutch, Arrested

According to some dude who speaks Dutch, Dutch police have made an arrest in the case of Operation Payback (loosely affiliated with internet hooligans Anonymous) and their attempts to bring down Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal for closing down their Wikileaks-related accounts. The villain behind the scheme is none other than one Some Dutch Teenager*.

We are clearly dealing with a wünderkind of the highest caliber. There is no way that MasterCard’s sophisticated website could possibly be victim to anyone but an elite group of h4x0rs.

Though, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about says otherwise.*

The Dutch boy commented: “l0l. J00 got pwned, newfags.”


*- The kid obviously did not act alone. Police have not ruled out the possibility of any other arrests.

Anons Screw With Mastercard, Leak Credit Card Numbers, Are Assholes [Updated]

It started off innocently enough. WikiLeaks decided to leak tons of super-important gossipy diplomatic cables and get the international community in a tizzy. Naturally, this treasonous act against America on the part of this citizen of Australia, who operates his site out of…umm…somewhere in Europe is just the right kind of international, border-crossing, globe-spanning, trouble-causing type of clusterfuck that causes internet hooligans Anonymous to sympathize.

Earlier today, it was reported that members of internet vigilante and all-around mischief-maker group Anonymous had conducted a DDoS attack to retaliate against MasterCard for freezing accounts associated with WikiLeaks. Apparently, they took it one step further and have now leaked a list of credit card numbers supposedly pulled from MasterCard’s website.

The announcement was made on the twitter account @Anon_Operation (which has currently been suspended). A link was posted to which contained a number of credit cards and expiration dates that.

Here’s the tweet from @Anon_Operation that was made just prior to the account being suspended:

Both the Twitter account and the pastebin page appear to be no longer accessible.


Wired has a more news-y take on the situation. According to them, “early analysis” indicates the leaked credit card numbers might be fake. They neglect to mention who’s doing this analysis, what the analysis is, or why I should trust their word over 4chan’s, but hey it makes me feel better!

Also, they have a lovely quote from 3Crowd CEO and all around internet-security-coolguy Barrett Lyon, saying that “[The attack] is mediocre, at best. There is a lot they doing wrong, and yet they are still succeeding.”

Tell you what, guys and girls. How’s about once this has all died down, you go ahead and check your accounts anyways? Whether Anonymous leaked real credit card numbers or not, the fact that they’re in ur sites at all is probably a bad sign. Also: carry cash.

Nielsen Study Finds Women Don’t Know What They Want

Nielsen, the company that’s indirectly responsible for the cancellation of Firefly (friggin’ ratings, what do they know?) has released a smartphone study that confirms what sexist, chauvinistic men have known for years: women don’t know what they want.

When asked what smartphone operating system users planning to upgrade would like for their next phone, 14.9% of men said they were undecided, while a substantially higher percentage, 23.8% of women had no idea what they planned to get. The difference between them, almost 9% of women polled, is a larger group than either gender’s subgroup that said they wanted a Windows Mobile phone. This, of course, raises the question: People still want Windows Mobile phones?

Now, I’m sure some naysayers will come along and say “How dare you! A small percentage of women being undecided on their cellphone purchase which could be as far as a year away doesn’t imply that an entire gender is incapable of making decisions!” Well, to you I would ask one simple question: If we can’t extrapolate the (sometimes perfectly rational) opinions and desires of a percentage of a type of people and apply them to the entire group, where did we get stereotypes in the first place? Hmm?

I think I’ve made my point.

[via Engadet]