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Google Builds Their Own Disney Land

When Google isn’t overthrowing middle eastern governments, sometimes they hang out in Spain. And sometimes they get together which a bunch of other tech companies in Spain to show off stuff. And sometimes, they bring their giant tube slide with them.

For those who are unaware, Google is a software company. They’re not the owner of Chuck E. Cheese, as many at the Mobile World Conference have been led to believe. It was the open bar that gave it away.

When Google wasn’t displaying the myriad of Android devices on Dr. Suess’s counter, they were dressing up giant Android statues. Of course, if none of those costumes fit your taste, you could create your own. A little pink Android in high heels with her hair done? Sign me up!*

I haven’t been to many (any) trade shows, but if this is the kind of stuff that giant software companies are putting out as they try to push a software platform and maintain the ability to be taken seriously….I really want to go. Bad.

Wait, seriously? Video game demos?! *swoon*

*– Holy crap, I need therapy.