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Come Talk With Samsung On XDA, Just Watch What You Say

It’s still unclear what, exactly, Samsung is up to over at XDA, but one thing at the very least is obvious. Samsung wants to hear from you! That is, if you want to say stuff they want to say! You can ask your questions over at the Communicate with Samsung page. As any good publicity manager does, though, Samsung has opted to screen your questions. From the page:

Example of good questions:

What’s the difference between Super AMOLED Plus and Super AMOLED?

Why did Samsung name its flagship phones “Galaxy S” … what is the significance of “S”?

What determines whether Samsung upgrades a phone to the next version of Android?

Examples of bad questions:

Where is my Froyo update?

What is the release date for the Galaxy S II in the US?

Why does Samsung have great/horrible customer service?

So, to summarize: if you would like an answer about the most burning question you have about your Galaxy S phone, can it. If you are eager to buy any of Samsung’s products and would like information about when you can get them, you can stuff it. If you are frustrated by Samsung’s customer service, this is not the venue to complain. This is, instead, the place to ask questions about topics that a Google search can answer faster. This is the place to ask questions few people care to know the answer to.

Perhaps Samsung is up to something a little more elaborate than a glorified Q&A with the most elite members of the development community that have managed to bring the newest, most innovative features of Android, both from within Google and from without, to Samsung’s devices faster than Samsung themselves can. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see what happens. Until then, if you’d like to go ask your approved questions of Samsung, have at it over at XDA.