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“Welcome To Foxconn. Here’s Your Benefits Package, Your Badge, And If You Could Just Sign This Anti-Suicide Pact…”

Want a job at Foxconn? Well, then you guys better promise that you’re not gonna kill yourselves, mmkay? Or, at the very least, can you please promise that if you do kill yourselves, or attempt to kill yourselves, but are caught in one of Foxconn’s fine anti-suicide nets, that you will promise not to sue Foxconn or hold it liable for your dishonorable attempt to shirk your duties.

In all seriousness, though, frankly I don’t understand why more menial work places don’t have this kind of policy. Perhaps a policy that if you slip into a state of severe depression, you can’t request psychotherapy. Or a policy that if you decide to go on a murderous rampage, you agree that it was due to your own psychopathy and not because of a fundamental and hate-filled disagreement with the policies of the institution you work for.

Also, a policy that you will never attempt to comply with the PC Load Letter error message on a printer by the use of a baseball bat.

[via BGR]