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Samsung Set To Enter Highly Volatile MP3 Player Market

As everyone who’s left their house in the last decade is no doubt aware, the market for personal MP3-playing devices is totally, 100% up in the air. There are no clear winners yet. Despite overwhelming demand for an easy-to-use, versatile, robust media playing device, no such device exists. At least, not to Samsung’s knowledge. Which is why they’ve cleverly decided to take the Android platform and make a handheld, non-phone device. This is brilliant! You can do stuff with it! Like apps! And I’m pretty sure it plays music. I think Android has a built-in music player, right?

This should serve as a warning sign to all of the other device manufacturers out there to get it in gear. Pun intended*. In the near-decade since Napster made people aware that all music is free forever, there has not been a single device, gadget, or pod that has come along to fill the hole that Samsung is about to fill. Frankly, they could take the market if someone else doesn’t step up.

Of course, Samsung would have a much harder time of it if a.) Android weren’t known primarily, if not solely for their robust multimedia applications, 2.) there were another device on the market that was already synonymous with personal multimedia playback, and d.) this device didn’t have that gorgeous AMOLED screen that’s become the Galaxy series’ trademark.

What’s that? It has a Super Clear LCD screen instead? Ah. Well. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?




*- I’m so….so sorry.