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Google Launches Google Maps Intestine View

Google knows where you are. Google knows your voice. Google knows where you live. And now, Google knows about your precious bodily fluids. And like all the information they have, they’re sharing it with everyone.

Google Body Browser, which is surprisingly not the name of Google’s Hot or Not ripoff site, is sort of like if you took the zoom-y, woosh-y fun of Google Earth and combined it with your high school anatomy class. Complete with digital, stylized, semi-transparent mammary glands. Pre-pubescent boys and fully-grown men who still laugh when they fart? That’s your cue!

The real potential, though, will come if Google ever allows users to move the model. As soon as this thing is fully posable, I look forward to dancing skeletal animation GIFs to make a comeback. I’m counting on you internet! Let’s get a conga-line of CG figures, stripped of their skin going.