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iPhone: Time Is Hard

If the last few months are any indication, you should have seen this coming. Yet again, over the weekend, iPhone users awoke the world over to discover that their iDevices had failed to wake them at the proper time.

This marks the third time in six months that the iPhone has had trouble managing time. We asked Apple for a comment on the issues and received the following response from Steve Jobs himself:

“We wanted to take the time to get Daylight Savings Time and year-changes right. Anyone can say “Hey look! We made our phones automatically adjust the time in accordance with various time changes” but we wanted to make sure we developed a system that was simple for the user and up to the quality standards that our users are used to. Quite simply, we wanted to not just do it, but do it best. So, naturally, we put working on that feature on the backburner for a few years. We look forward to releasing it with iOS 7.”

The Clock app will come bundled with iOS 7, but will only be supported on the iPhone 6 and 7. Users with older phones can jailbreak their devices to get the correct time.

Andy Rubin: 300,000 Android Activations A Day

Andy Rubin is on Twitter. Though, I don’t think he uses it much. He has only two tweets. The first was in response to some banter with Apple about the openness of Android. Some Linux-y code or whatever. For his next tweet, he’s sticking with his theme of “Dear Apple, Eat Me.”

Back in August, Eric Schmidt boasted that there are 200,000 Android activations per day. At a press conference shortly thereafter on September 1st, Apple fired back with the revelation they launch 230,000 iOS devices. Note: “devices”. Not iPhones. This includes iPads and iPod Touches. Well now, @arubin informs the internet that there are 300,000 Android phones activated daily.

You ever get the feeling that Steve Jobs is Commodus and Andy Rubin is rallying the crowd of the Colosseum to his side? Ok, yeah, me neither. But whatever. I like this guy’s style.

Nielsen Study Finds Women Don’t Know What They Want

Nielsen, the company that’s indirectly responsible for the cancellation of Firefly (friggin’ ratings, what do they know?) has released a smartphone study that confirms what sexist, chauvinistic men have known for years: women don’t know what they want.

When asked what smartphone operating system users planning to upgrade would like for their next phone, 14.9% of men said they were undecided, while a substantially higher percentage, 23.8% of women had no idea what they planned to get. The difference between them, almost 9% of women polled, is a larger group than either gender’s subgroup that said they wanted a Windows Mobile phone. This, of course, raises the question: People still want Windows Mobile phones?

Now, I’m sure some naysayers will come along and say “How dare you! A small percentage of women being undecided on their cellphone purchase which could be as far as a year away doesn’t imply that an entire gender is incapable of making decisions!” Well, to you I would ask one simple question: If we can’t extrapolate the (sometimes perfectly rational) opinions and desires of a percentage of a type of people and apply them to the entire group, where did we get stereotypes in the first place? Hmm?

I think I’ve made my point.

[via Engadet]

Steve Wozniak Declares iPhone Dead No Wait Android Is Dead No Wait

So, Steve Wozniak was talking to the Netherlands. The Netherlands was all “Steve Wozniaken. What do you dink of ze Androidun phonessen?”* And Wozniak was all “D00d! Have j00 seen speech recognition!! Android t3h pwnz0rz t3h iPhone. Moar featurez!!!” He then went on to go through a fifteen-minute power point presentation detailing how Android would become the dominant smartphone platform, and discussed his upcoming dinner date with Eric Schmidt, before finally revealing his Google tattoo on his left pec.

Except remember that stuff I said about Steve Wozniak saying Android was gonna win some stuff? Yeah, see, what I meant was that, I don’t actually read De Telegraaf. Nor can I. But Steve Wozniak does. And when Steve Wozniak saw what the blogs had written about what Steve Wozniak said in De Telegraaf, he wrote in to Engadget saying, “Naw, man. I know Steve Wozniak and Steve Wozniak would never say anything like that. He’s all about the iPhone. And Android is made of suck.”

The important thing, though, is that the fanboy arguments can continue on unhindered.

*– Note: I have no idea what Dutch sounds like.

Teach Me To Be Offline For Two Days

I went offline for two days, and you, gadget news world, went and threw a party, trashed my house, and left me to clean up the mess. Thanks.

First, Facebook decided to raid my inbox, taking all my best aged IMs and malt messages for a Wave-knockoff cocktail. It tastes like a worn-out Web 2.0 spritzer with just a dash of dogfood. Facebook then proceeded to spray it all over my drapes. I am pleased. as. punch. Which, I might add, you guys also spilled everywhere.

Then Google decided to rifle through my wallet, taking out the credit cards and such and adding them to Android Gingerbread as a new NFC filter. Google, you are the only guy I know who will come to a party to work on a project. You’re going to spend days on end in your basement ignoring a lovely wife someday.

Though, really, I could get past all of that if you guys didn’t invite a band. The Beatles? I mean, how did you guys get them to show?

Ah. New Deal with iTunes. I see. Still, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

Get the groupies off my couch, wash the stink of gin and Facebook out of the car’s fur and please, don’t mess with the-

What, Google? You made a Google Voice app for the iPhone while I was ranting? Fan-freaking-tastic.

Next time, ask before you guys do anything while I’m gone.