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Kyocera Glues Two Phones Together, Because You Schmucks Will Buy Anything, Right?

Sprint announced last month they’d be holding an event for this month. An event featuring David Blaine and “another industry first”. This event was to be held right in between the Consumer Electronics Show in January and the Mobile World Conference in February. Surely such an event, and even such a special guest, must necessarily imply that neither of the two audiences were worthy of this device. No, good sirs! This device requires its own stage!

Well, to be fair, that is true. I mean, look at the size of that thing*.

Yet the big reveal actually turns out to be a URAT dual-screen phone. Which apparently needs to exist. I mean, why not? Can you think of a reason why a phone wouldn’t need two separate screens? Shut up. You can’t tell Kyocera what to do.

And if you just asked yourself “Wait, I know Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, and even Dell, but….who’s Kyocera?” Well….do you remember that printer you threw out last month? The one whose ink cartridges broke, got ¬†too many paper jams, and spewed blood while screeching satanic chants? The one that actually made you miss HP? Yeah, Kyocera made that.

But hey, at least this phone is running Android 2.3, the most recent version of the Android OS. Which is better than some other phones will ever see.

*– That’s what she said.