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Morgan Stanley Predicts Apple Will Do What Apple Says Apple Will Do At WWDC

An analyst from Morgan Stanley, the analyst firm best known for being an analyst firm, has wildly speculated that Apple may announce iOS and OS X announcements at the event they announced for the purpose of announcing some iOS and OS X announcements. BGR reports, helpfully, that Katu Huberty of Morgan Stanley suggest that Apple might “be making some major software announcements at Worldwide Developer Conference next month”.

In other news, McDonald’s is expected to announce at their next earnings call that they will be selling “food” for the next quarter. Harley-Davidson is expected, against all odds, to make a shocking announcement that it will create two-wheeled motor vehicles for release next year.

[via BGR]

Software Pirates Reject Apple’s Universal Piracy App

Today, Apple finally launched their long-awaited Mac App Store. While Macs have only recently become capable of running apps after Steve Jobs invented the internet, Apple finally made it easy for the “normal” users who don’t know how to “drag” things into “folders” to “install” “applications”. On the same day it was launched, a group Hackulous announced they have an app that will allow you to pirate anything in the App Store.

In a rather odd twist, the crackers themselves have not released the piracy app because they “don’t want to devalue applications and frustrate developers.” Awfully nice of them! Still, seems kinda harsh to Apple, though. I mean, Steve Jobs personally went to all of the trouble of rounding up all the best software on the internet into one place, giving it a universal DRM scheme with what appears to be an afternoon-long process to break. They’ve practically given the App Store over to the software piracy community. For them to just snub Apple like that seems, well, cruel.

Oh, well. In any case, developers have until February to get their revenue, and Apple has until February to plug the hole. After that, one can only assume the days of paying for applications on the internet will be…well, they were over already. But, in true Apple fashion, it will simply just work.

Finally, Macs Get Apps

Remember when the first iPhone came out? And you couldn’t do anything on it but mess with the browser or calculator? And then the App Store came out and suddenly the iPhone was worth having? Well, that’s basically what Macs have been like this whole time. Without an App Store of their own, they’re pretty much worthless. But, starting January 6th, no more!

Nevermind that you could always install third-party software. Nevermind that Macs actually have one of the cleanest, simplest install methods around. No. We need an App Store! Developers have been clamoring for hundreds of years that they have been completely incapable of distributing their apps in any meaningful way without an App Store. A couple decades ago, Apple launched their platform “the internet” (along with other such innovations as USB, computers, and electrons). This was a pretty good start. But ultimately, it’s only now, with the coming advent of the Mac App Store, finally developers have the ability to let people download software they have written.

The future, ladies and gentlemen!