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The Evotainment Evo/Wii Controller Hybrid: Because Shut Up

If you’re like me, you own an Evo and a Wii. So did this guy. Where you and I differ from this guy is he made them have babies, and nine release cycles later, the kludgy monstrosity to your left was born. Why? Well, why not, I say! For that matter, why shouldn’t I hook my video camera up to my toaster? Or hook my car stereo up to my refrigerator? Or hook my Virtual Boy up to my cat?

Pro tip: I’ve tried at least two of those and failed. It’s not worth it.

In any case, the device actually looks pretty cool. The Wiimote connects to the Evo via bluetooth, and then lovingly brings along the Classic Controller for a ménage à trois from the hellish pits of World 8. Functional? Gloriously. Elegant? You want elegant, go check out some iPad accessories, because you’re not getting it here.

And if you were wondering why there’s also a Mario Kart steering wheel in the mix…well, what did you think he was going to hold this thing together with? Duct tape? Please. Have some class.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any instructions or Instructables on how to make this genetic defect of electronic inbreeding that I so desperately want to play with.

via Engadget

Android Has Miis Now

If you’re like me, you decided that the Wii was the greatest of the current generation consoles. Furthermore, you discovered the Mii feature, which allows you to create your own custom avatar (no relation) by choosing from a myriad of pre-defined clothing/hair styles and accessories and concluded it was the greatest thing on earth. You then proceeded to spend literally hours upon hours designing Miis for yourself, your friends, your dog, and Shark Week. Now all of that same totally productive fun is available on your Android phone.

It includes all the requisite features. Vector hair. A few clothing styles. Green skin. It’s all there. And the best part? Easy sharing. If there’s one thing that Miis lacked, it was the ability to plaster your Mii all over the internet via every communications medium possible.

This app will allow you to share your Mii Android via no fewer than a dozen options, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MMS, Bluetooth, WiFis, WiMores, WiMax, WiTry, and WiWii.

This ensures that the internet will not forget about your cutesy little Android design, even though you will have roughly five minutes after you’re done with it.